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How to Cite Dissertations

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task as it requires a lot of research and brain storming. While doing research work, students come across a lot of material which are written by others. In order to avoid plagiarism, the students give reference to the author whose material has been used. It is made easier for the reader to enter the required information about the author and his work in the bibliography which is called citation.


Every book, dictionary and encyclopaedia has a bibliography which guides the reader to the original source of the article that has been taken help from. In the modern case, we see such happening at the end of many sites which provide useful material for references. There are different styles of citing a dissertation. Before beginning the paper it is important to ask the professor what style of citation he or she prefers. As dissertation writing is the most important and final part of the students work, they have to be aware of their teacher’s liking. If they have no particular preferences then any style can be used.


Times have changed and with it the citation styles have also evolved, while in the past citation would be either done by hand or type written and printed, now online writing services offer to format citations. No more the student has to take pains in researching and writing. These dissertation writing services offer tools which in turn make it easier for the student to automatically select and process the kind of work they want done just in a few steps.


While work has become easier for the dissertation writing students to select and to be done, it is still a difficult job. There are a lot of sites online which offer help and citations. To know which site is genuine and original is difficult to decide as many sites steal work of others and publish it as theirs. For this purpose students have to be very selective while making a choice for online dissertation writing service as this might cause plagiarism and unknowingly they might get their work wrong. Following are the few styles that are used for citing dissertations:


  • APA: It is used for the subjects of psychology, education and other social sciences. It is mainly for academic documents such as journals and books. APA stands for American Psychological Association.
  • MLA: This style is mainly used by the schools and college systems for the subjects of literature, arts and humanities
  • AMA: This style is mostly used by the scientific field writers who write about medicine, health and biological sciences.
  • Turabian: This style of citations is designed for college students to use with all subjects
  • Chicago: This style is used with all subjects of the real world. Mainly the writers of books, magazines, newspapers and other non-scholarly publications use this style.


With the changes in time, the citation styles have also undergone a change in which dissertations are cited. While in the past everything would be written or printed, now citation is formatted online before publication and in turn this makes the students work easier.


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